Friday, October 16, 2009

Photo - Voltaics rocks!

In case you wonder - I decided to switch the blog to english. It is just too much work to edit everything in a local language and in addition in english for the rest of the world. Native tongue is still more inuitive and easy - a gain in convenience. This convenience is then completely lost when you (re)do it again in english.

So now the topic of this blog is the photo voltaic market situation: Germany is the largest photo voltaics market in the world - this should be an astounding fact as most obviously Germany is by far not the sunniest country on the globe and beyond one of the densenst populated ones.
The reason is simple. State regulations guarantee 43 Eurocent net income for every PV kWh produced for the next 20 years. Prices of PV Cells dropped this year much to a much greater extent than anticipated.

This "Gap of profitabilitäy" is a window of opportunity open until the 31st of December this year. With the result that the German PV market is practically sold out for the remainder of the year.
Now I am not just theorizing here.... what you see is my 5.28kWp system being installed. It is expected to produce 4800kWh per year (in Germany, 50degrees north!). These 40 square meters built with Chinese quality (?! a contradiction in terms ?) modules from Trina Solar are enough to produce the consumption of a typical 4 person family.
It feels good to be energy independent in terms that my total electric energy consumption is being produced emission free. And thanks to the green/red (former!) German Goverment and legislation it is quite profitable too. Photovoltaic production is reimbursed in 2010 still with 39 Eurocents but the new Black/yellow Government has already indicated to "rethink" these policies...
Now I simply can´t wait to watch the my own system produce the very first kilowatthour kWh.
Stay tuned....

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