Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hubble dwarfes mankind (again)

Hubble´s - so far - deepest ever look into the universe reveals myriads of unseen galaxies.
More of those fantastic astronomical pictures can be found at Space Telescope Sciene Institute´s Website

These very early galaxies - about only 600 Mio. years after big bang - represent the deepest view and oldest items in the universe ever seen by mankind.
In photographic terms exposure time was 48hours - (taken in late August 2009). Camera Model WFC3/IIR
(Wide Field Camera 3 - near Infrared). Image dimension is 144 arc seconds which is equivalent of 50.134 mm focal lenght hyper zoom (SLR FX 35mm sensor).
This means essentially - "don´t try this at home"  and underlines the sensational character of these images.
Color is actually a digital artefact created by assigning specific colors to overlays of multiple filtered (grayscale) images representing different frequency ranges in the infrared spectrum.

More recent photo examples from Hubble

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