Thursday, September 2, 2010

The complete bottle vanish - and more mindboggling magic

Finally, a multi-month project has gone online: It´s called "Moo-Magic" and is effectively a magic shop.
That means it targets people who seriously aim to perform professional illusions in front of an audience, or simply just to amaze friends.
By definition a "Magic Shop" reveals trick secrets and as such contradicts the unspoken rule to "never reveal a magic trick secret". On the other hand if no trick would have been ever revealed or taught, professional magic skill would be extinct.
The problem really is the ubiquity of the intenet and more so the "everybody publishes everything" trend on Youtube - with freely available information of everything and about everything at your fingertips the world will never be same - in the small scale the awe of magic illusions will be diminished in the large scale countries with restrictive policies of what you are supposed to read or to know (like China, Iraq etc.) will fail in the long run.
Now enjoy one of my absolute favorite illusions and  DO NOT BUY the secret if you do not consider yourself to be a stage performing artist.

Watch the Magic Illusion on Youtube

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