Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update: Alarm clock bug fixed with iOS 4.2 - and much more...

Finally, the much awaited iOS Update has arrived. As described in the previous post this Update is considered to be a bug fix for me and many users of the alarm clock - but of course - Apple would not issue an update for such "minor" thing only.

And so, iOS 4.2 comes with Airprint and wireless (Video) streaming to compatible Client such as the Apple TV Box GameCenter and more - just in time for Black Friday and the coming Shopping Season.

And even more importantly iOS 4.2 brings all of this to the iPad as well and puts it - for the first time since launch - completely in sync with the latest iPhone. It brings Folders, Multitasking and Game Center to the iPad which makes it "a totally new device" as somebody prominent from Cupertino is quoted.
(Apple recently has lost just a little sense of reality it seems, as they have touted the Beatles iTunes release as "a day you will never forget" (!))
C´mon guy´s you make great things but too much is too much.

Anyway, with all major and minor things fixed and a feature packed new iOS everything is ready to mark just another record sales and earnings quarter.
I have heard analysts who express "doubts" that the elevated expectation of 6m iPads shipped in Q4 could be reached.
They base these doubts on Samsung having to downwardly adjust Galaxy tab production capacity.
Make no mistake -  the iPad is simpy so much superior and not by any chance the "whichlist item #1" for the current holiday shopping season.

Oprah Winfrey is said to have given 275 iPads as a gift to all of her staff recently - if that tells anything..

According to a recent post from John Paczkowski Apple has ordered FoxConn to ramp up additional capacity at the Chengdu Site to 300k/month in order to reach a total of 2.8m (monthly) runrate.
Apple has shipped 4.2m iPads in Q3, Analyst consenus is 6m in Q4 (with few  exceptions  as mentioned  above who think this might be a stretch goal.)
My stomach and market feeling tells me it will be rather in the 6.5m to 7.5m range.
My newest 12month price target for the stock is now 415$ based on continuing strong growth on iPhones, iPads (completely offsetting the decline in ipods) a continuing growth in market share for Macs (as dominance in mobile devices has a positive drag effect on PCs) Apple isn´t anymore the niche maker of design PCs that only Graphics Pros and Photographers really need, it´s becoming main stream.
And last not least the tightly controlled App-Universe creates an ever money machine - a growing revenue stream from software that scales extremely well and has margins well beyound those a hardware maker could ever dream of.
Stay tuned...

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