Monday, December 20, 2010

Seasons Greetings / The wackiest house in the region

I just watched CNBC with a report from Bejing´s impressive Xmas-markets (!), Santas en masse and all the cheap deco stuff that we use to ornate our holiday season, including of course all the different LED lighting gadgets.
The wackiest house in the region 

The people interviewed about "What Christmas means" all said things like

"... it´s the alien´s "new years feast""
".. it celebrates the spring" and so on.

There was no relegious association whatsoever (among those people in this chinese market).
But we should not wonder as we drive it ourselves in this direction.

This does not mean that I would not appreciate this marvellous and award winning Xmas-Illumination above.

The house is more a simple wooden cottage and in its simplicity rather untypical for the middle class German neighborhood. But around Chrismas this little hut becomes the phoenix from the ashes and dwarfs all other illuminations of the town.

With this I wish all readers happy holidays and a successful new year!.

Eventually the blog will finally find a clear focus and direction in 2011 ;-)

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